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Private classes during February, July and August

2018 in Suffolk UK.

Other locations by mutual agreement


“Excellent, great teacher and co-students. Very helpful”

Irina from Wellington.


“Very informative, well thought through and presented”

Kareen from Wellington.


“It was a great day. I learned a lot about my camera and

 met some really nice people.”  Hayley from Wellington.


‘Great, cheers. Learned a lot” Jo from Wellington.

This is a practical based Photography course. Part of the time is in the classroom, part outside in the vineyard. It is aimed at beginners who own a Digital SLR camera and who want to take more creative control their Digital SLR. If you use the GREEN auto button then this class is definitely for YOU.


Learn to speak the language of your camera and how to create various effects, such as a shallow depth of field, freezing & blurring motion as well as panning moving subjects.


Make the most out of your lens and learn how various focal lengths alter the image and how to use the lens creatively. This course is an introduction to photography and by the end you will understand basic elements of camera control and understand techniques that you can use to your advantage. good photography does not stop when you stop clicking. The computer is now an essential part of modern photography and a short segmant of this course introduces you to Lightroom and demonstrates the 5 basic steps to image improvement and enhancement.

This short course will make you a better digital photographer.

The course will look at:


Photography essentials:

What makes a good composition

How the aperture, shutter speed and ISO affect the image

Practical exercise exploring the aperture & shutter speed

Make backgrounds fuzzy or sharp

Lens and aperture impact on depth of field

Focus technique

Focal length, angle of view & perspective

Control the flash

Camera buttons, functions, menus, settings


When to use manual settings

When to use aperture priority & other modes

Best practice for camera handling

Light meter and metering modes

How the digital image is constructed


Where to keep your photos

Getting your photos onto the computer

Practical exercise with histograms to determine correct exposure

Sensor size and lens magnification factor

White Balance and Colour theory

Advantages of shooting RAW

What makes a good photo?

Post production using Lightroom

How to clean your lenses


Some examples we will discuss



Change your viewpoint for better images


Adjust ISO to get a sharp image even in low light


Adjust focus and aperture to guide the viewer


Adjust exposure to get a silhouette



Freeze the action.

Patch having fun!


Unwanted colours removed in Lightroom

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