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Ideal tool for image editing & management

7th March $135

A short, low-cost course to get you quickly up and running with the basics of Lightoom. Perfect for people who have been on the DSLR workshop or are just starting out on their photographic adventures.


We cover the very basics of getting your photos into Lightroom, enhancing or developing them and output for sharing.

Importantly there is a one-to-one to get you set up correctly so that you know where to put your photos and you know where to find them.

Panorama created by joining 5 images together in Lightroom

One to One sessions availabe at a time to suit YOU.




  • Set you camera to shoot RAW or JPEG files
  • Getting photos onto the computer - manual and automatic alternatives demonstrated.
  • One to one plan for your own laptop or computer.
  • Import photos into Lightroom.
  • Selecting, Rating, rejecting and (yes!) deleting images.
  • Basic correction in the Develop Module.
  • Export photos for other uses
  • Back Up routine for photos and catalogs.


The hardest thing about Lightroom is getting started. It behaves in a way totally unlike other software programs. For example there is no "SAVE" command. Lightroom just does it. Talking to a student a couple of days ago they came up with the idea that Lightroom was like a factory producing photos for many different purposes. I thought this showed great understanding of how Lightroom works. So I have "pinched" the idea. This class is about getting your photos into the factory and manufacturing them for your blog, your email, your photobook, etc. etc.


Lightroom is a powerful database integrated with the ability to sort and organise your photos, to process or enhance images, make photobooks, slideshows, prints, upload images to social media and much more. It has been designed specifically for photographers, by photographers.

It is NOT a substitute for Photoshop. Indeed for specific jobs Lightroom and Photoshop are most effective when they work together, as you will see during this workshop.

To get the most out of this program you have to be organised and do things in a logical order. Working with your numerous digital photos should be fun and interesting. You should have an efficient WORKFLOW so that the process is not tedious and inefficient.

In this workshop you will guided through the different modules to help you Organise, Manage, Enhance and Share your photos. We will concentrate on the Library and Develop modules but also discover how to create interesting and fun Photobooks and slideshows.


Whilst Lightroom is brilliant at what it does there are some things it cannot do. If you want to combine 2 or 3 pictures on as single page, apply creative text effects or cut somebody out of a background this is only possible by using Photoshop.


We will demonstrate how to seamlessly move from Lightroom to Photoshop, apply these simple creative techniques and bring these images back into Lightroom.



Lightroom Downloads - free


Lightroom allows you to easily select and grade your photos using your keyboard. I keep it very simple with an X for photos I want to delete and number 8 key to give my images a green surround. These are my best pictures and the ones I want to print. Experiment to see way system you like. Download and print my reference page.

Download the shortcut pdf here.



Free download of Lightroom pick shortcuts reference sheet

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Free download of Lightroom pick shortcuts reference sheet