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Gift Voucher



Giving a pressy of a photo or framing course is a great idea. We can personalise the certificate to say exactly what you want.


Have you got suitcases full of old slides?


Have you got Cases of old cassettes?


Have you got old Photo CD’s you cannot read?



Convert old slides and negatives to digital


Have you got boxes of Kodachrome slides in the cupboard or piles of negatives in the drawer? Why not get them onto your computer, sort them out and DO something with them?



Let The PhotoWorkshop digitse the images and you can turn them into slideshows, greetings cards, calendars and photobooks. We can copy most formats from Instamatic through to 5 x 4 inch and now we can do the same for those old cassettes. Important memories can now be preserved by turning them into digital sound files.


Digitise your old slides, negatives and cassettes



Generate QR codes



Get quick access to your web pages on printed leaflets, posters, menus etc. by adding a QR code to all your documents. For only $10 we can provide a QR code in TIF and Jpg format.





Scan this with the QR app on your smartphone. You should go to the PhotoWorkshop website.

Image Retouching



Logo for The PhotoWorkshop