Workshop List

All courses receive free telephone support. This means that once you have been on a course and you encounter a problem, simply ring or Skype and John will do his best to help you find a solution.  We can also set up remote access to your computer so that if you are in a real mess we will be able to see what is happening and sort it out. Ring 0204 990023 to discuss.

Digital SLR Camera Start Here

17th October or On Demand $135  Take control of your DSLR.

Lightroom + Photoshop Digital workflow

24th October $135   Get more efficient with your digital workflow. Use the right software and right tools for better images.

Lightroom Start Here

On Demand $135   A short, low-cost course to get you quickly up and running with the basics of Lightoom. Perfect for people who have been on the DSLR workshop.

Photoshop Essentials

On Demand $135   All most photographers & artists will ever need.

One to One

Do you want to learn something specific or have lots of different bits and pieces to sort? Maybe a one to one session is what you need. I run a 2.5 hours session for only $80, and a 5.5 hour session for just $150. (InDesign excluded).  Let me know what you want and I will plan something specific to your needs.

Adobe InDesign Start Here

16th May (Full)

30th May

$235  These classes can be held at your workplace.


Picture Framing Start Here

6th June $175

Picture Framing Next Step


Courses normally run from 10.00 until 4.00pm. Many people often come earlier to settle in or stay later to finish a project – none of which is a problem. Private classes start at a time to suit you. Class sizes are small, so everyone will get the personal attention they need. Tea, coffee will be provided. Please bring any additional food and drink you may need. You need to bring your camera and your laptop for the photo courses and your laptop for the computer courses. If you cannot bring your computer a limited number are available for hire.